Leagel is a company that produces ice cream and cake ingredients, founded in 1991 by Mr. Leardini Tonin, and shortly afterwards, in 1994, Giovanni Calabro joined the business – both former producers of homemade ice cream and great experts in this sector. The Leagel brand is the result of their many years of experience in confectionery and the desire to combine their great passion for perfecting homemade Italian ice cream through the production of semi-finished raw materials and preparations for ice cream and cakes of top quality, traditional taste and modern production technology.

Simplicity, transparency and trust

During the twenty years of its existence, LEAGEL has placed itself on the international market thanks to its philosophy of simplicity, transparency and trust in interacting with its customers.

Leagel is synonymous with top quality, support and meeting the needs of ice cream producers around the world, thanks to constant research and passionate commitment to one of the most famous Italian products – making it one of the true ambassadors of spreading the culture of domestic Italian ice cream in the world.

In the world

Their basic mission is to produce a distinctive ice cream, of traditional Italian flavor in a modern way. They take great care in quality control of their input and output materials, hygienic production conditions, constant research and improvement of production technology, as well as in creating new products that must always retain their natural taste and smell.

For all their products, whether they are semi-finished products for ice cream or for cakes, they always offer top education to their customers around the world, led by the best masters. They are constantly present at all world confectionery fairs, in order to better present, but also to communicate with their regular customers, and to collect new information and consumer needs.

Our company, Complex d.o.o. Sarajevo, allows you to buy these premium semi-finished products, in powder and pastes, and make unique ice creams and enrich your cakes with flavors of your choice