Manuel Caffe

Manuel Caffe

Today Manuel Caffè is synonymous with Italian flavour worldwide. We are present in 65 countries and on five continents with products that embody a very precise vision: the mission to offer gourmets and coffee lovers the perfect coffee, fruit of a combination of impeccable processing, true passion, constant innovation, and refined blends, interpreters of a long tradition.

Everything began in 1975, in Conegliano Veneto, when Giuseppe De Giusti transformed his highly-respected workshop into a company. And he called it Manuel Caffè.

The entire family was involved in what over the years was to become a story made of commitment, constancy, and success. Since then the best beans in the world are roasted, left to age, blended, and packaged with the same passion and sold worldwide.

The constant search for quality. This is the premise that drives our work forward and lies at the base of better and better blends, together with the concrete and constant support offered to all the sector operators who choose Manuel Caffè products and services. All this to be able to offer excellence every day, in every form.

Coherence, enthusiasm, energy. Together with a strong sense of responsibility and the constant desire to innovate, convinced that goodness must represent an endless journey towards perfection. With respect for the consumer, for all those involved in the production process, for the end consumer, and upholding the strict standards of the Italian coffee tradition.

We have chosen to work in the world and for the world. This is why we go personally to select the plantations where we can buy the best raw materials. Today 11 Countries supply Manuel Caffè, including South American Countries, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam, while we export to 65 nations: the USA, the Middle East, South Korea, and obviously throughout Europe, where our presence grows stronger year after year.