Spazio Gourmet Manuel

Spazio Gourmet Manuel

Spazio Gourmet Manuel is a member of the family of the franchise catering chain Manuel Caffe and represents a unique concept that unites the offer of delicious traditional Italian dishes prepared in a modern way from the highest quality ingredients.

The concept, space and offer of the new Spazio Gourmet facility are designed to provide guests with as much diversity, choice and comfort as possible.

Spazio Gourmet Manuel consists of six parts: Spazio Caffe, Spazio Dolci, Spazio Ristorante, Spazio Vitamini, Spazio Pizza and Spazio Boutique. Spazio Gourmet Manuel is a unique concept that combines a rich and varied offer of delicious Italian cuisine, quality coffee, healthy drinks and a store where you can buy beverage products, but also some sweets of special quality and without the usual additives. In addition to coffee and sweets, you can also buy home coffee machines with accessories, as well as many types of Manuel teas and hot chocolates.

Spazio Ristorante, in addition to the entire offer of carefully balanced and quality ingredients, boasts a homemade paste of special flour that we make every day, to be fresh, with a high proportion of eggs and without the use of cream in the finish.

At Spazio Gourmet we are especially proud of our traditional Italian pizza. What is interesting about the whole concept is that you choose the toppings and ingredients yourself and create your dream pizza according to the original Italian recipe. The dough is prepared from four types of special flour that can not be found on our market and natural yeast. It must arrive and stand for a minimum of 48 hours before further preparation begins. That is why it is tasty and crunchy, but also serves as an ideal base for other healthy foods that you can combine; such as vegetables, mushrooms, tuna and the like and exclusively with the use of mozzarella as the only cheese used.

The architect Amra Jeleč-Hadžiosmanović, the owner of the design and architecture studio Kon2re, is responsible for the design of the building. Also, the Italian coffee manufacturer “Manuel Caffe” chose this Sarajevo architect to design the look of their branded facilities “Spazio Caffe” all over the world.