De Longhi

De Longhi

De’Longhi Vision and Mission


Where we want to go?

De’Longhi will be recognised as the global market leader in coffee, comfort and selected kitchen and homecare.


How we will get there?

To achieve our vision the mission is:

  • To offer consumers innovative home appliances with a distinctive combination of style and performance
  • To take an international approach to product development appealing to different cultures and living environments

through committed people who are passionate about driving the continuous success of the brand

De’Longhi Brand Values

Our Soul

What we have!

An intelligent approach to product innovation and commerce inspired by insights from households around the world, the De’Longhi family’s entrepreneurship and commitment to new ideas

Strength (of character) 
The brand provides assurance, clarity and integrity and is committed to improvingthe comfort and quality of daily life.

Manufacturing domestic appliances since 1974 (with origins at the begining of the century), De’Longhi is an Italian family public company operating with a unique combination of entrepreneurial energy and understated style. 

Manufacturing heritage
We are born “to do” and are passionate about innovating and making high quality home appliances.

Our Body

What we do

De’Longhi quality is: Usability
We make products that are renowned for their performance, reliability and are a joy to use.

De’Longhi innovation is: Special
We are committed to consistently providing “something special” in our products, technologies and approach to markets.

De’Longhi design is: Distinctive
We design functional products with elegant lines and innovative colour combinations, finishes and materials, adapting to different cultures and household needs worldwide

De’Longhi product attributes

Every De’Longhi product comes with “something special”

  • Strong and consistent branding “Easy to use” products that perform beautifully
  • Innovative combinations of materials and finishes
  • Well-managed colour palette within each product category
  • All major touch points communicate assurance and quality
  • Signature features reflect De’Longhi’s Italianity and manufacturing heritage

De’Longhi brand personality

How we behave:

  • We are imaginative, enthusiastic and accessible to multi-cultural audiences
  • We demonstrate strength of character, practicality and resourcefulness.
  • We show good taste and elegance, without arrogance.
  • As an authentic Italian family, we are proud to put our name on products for the home

De’Longhi brand territory

The piece of the market we want to own

The authority in coffee, comfort and selected kitchen and homecare categories.

The De’Longhi brand appeals to discerning consumers seeking a strong combination of style and performance to suit their different cultures, lifestyles, environments and homecare routines.

De’ Longijev brand proposition

When we talk about De’Longhi, we say:

“A De’Longhi product will always turn ‘the everyday’ into something special”

De’Longhi quality, innovation and design turn daily routines and home comfort requirements into more pleasurable experiences

 De’Longhi brand essence

Every De’Longhi experience should feel: Better Everyday