One of the leading Italian brands in the world of professional detergents and cleaners

  • 1945. – Motivated by the post-war spirit and zeal for prosperity, Carlo Allegrini, together with his sons Giacomo and Giuseppe, establishes the “Allegrini” bleach factory.
  • 1950. – They make the first progress with innovative packaging with a functional reusable lid system, realized by Giacomo Allegrini, which begins the wide distribution of their product. 
  • 1965. – Allegrini wins a silver medal, at the 14th International Exhibition of Innovators held in Brussels, for the realization of plastic street barriers to direct traffic, as the first example in the development of the company’s individuality strategy.
  • 1969. – Allegrini is the first Italian company to produce bio-degradable detergents, as its original strategic goal and the result of its commitment to sustainable development.
  • 1985. – As part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the company, a new logo was presented, which bears the symbol “Chemistry that respects the natural environment.”

Product innovation and sustainable development, within the framework of respect for the natural environment through the production of bio-degradable detergents in harmony with nature, are an integral part of “DNA” Allegrinia.

In order to realize this philosophy and produce high quality detergents, Allegrini’s large investments in the Research and Development Department have resulted in a current avant-garde program that includes:

Specialized laboratory for the study and development of new formulas and mixtures according to the needs and requirements of consumers and the Center for Chemical Research, dedicated to experimenting with new technologies and formulas with biological raw materials.

Allegrini’s efforts and efforts in the field of research, as well as many years of experience, have led to a better understanding of consumer needs for detergents for professional use and the development of innovative solutions that manage to match the time and cost of consumers and their products.

Today, the structure of Allegrini company includes different departments divided on the basis of specific sectors:

  • CARWASH & CAR CARE – Professional detergents and products for cleaning and maintenance of motor vehicles.
  • HO.RE.CA & FACILITIES – A wide range of products for professional cleaning of the HO.RE.CA sector and industrial plants includes detergents for cleaning floor and glass surfaces as well as bathrooms, kitchens and dry cleaners, etc.
  • ZOOTECHNICS – Product line for veterinary and zoological environments.
  • FOOD INDUSTRY – A wide range of products for the food industry.
  • NAUTICALNautical product line.
  • AMENITIES – Assortment of personalized personal hygiene products for hotel needs.
  • SERVICE – Allegrini also offers a wide range of paper hygiene products, dispensers, cleaning cloths and cleaning accessories – manufactured by selected suppliers.
  • SAFETY – A line of products for the protection of workers at work.

At its headquarters in Grassobio near Bergamo, Italy, Allegrini operates efficiently and reliably, with the ability to meet and meet all the requirements of partners in the professional cleaning sector.

Our company, Complex d.o.o., in response to the needs of our customers – from a wide range of offers Allegrini offers high quality products in the form of concentrates and finished products.

In order to provide our customers with the most complete service and support, our professional staff is available to provide advice in solving the biggest problems you may face when cleaning certain areas.