The company was founded in 1826, when chocolate was just an exotic specialty in Europe and few people had heard of it, let alone tried it.

In 1826, Paul Caffarel opened his laboratory in Turin and thanks to him the city became one of the capitals of chocolate.

In those years of incessant wars, cocoa was a rare ingredient in Europe. Gianduiotto, Caffarello’s most unusual invention and one of the most striking specialties in the world of chocolate, was created by combining cocoa and roasted Piedmontese hazelnuts.

Even today, after almost 200 years, the finest chocolate and the best hazelnuts are the most important ingredients of Caffarel’s uniqueness.

Experts have no doubt: Piedmont hazelnut has such aromatic and flavorful characteristics that make it unique, especially when combined with chocolate. This is the hazelnut used by Caffarel, the one that grows in Langhe, a few kilometers away from the Caffarel factory in Lucerne San Giovanni.

The goal is to enable the exclusivity of Caffarel products worldwide by offering the opportunity to get to know the brand, quality and product development:

For that, Caffarel relies on qualified representatives in over 40 foreign countries who will spread the taste and elegance of the Italian product.